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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

When i first got my keys to my very own little shop and got carried over the fresh hold - yes that happened! I thought she was going for a celebratory hug little did i know she was attempting a pick up, i got thrown in....literally!

My shop lies on the corner of Fore Street in St Columb Major. Growing up in this town i have seen this shop space take many forms over the years from Flossie Parsons shoe shop to Floral Corner a fruit & vegetable shop to just very recently a picture framers which resulted in storage space for said framers furniture and over spill from his home.

When i looked around the then furniture store i had no idea what work and renovation was needed but as the days went by and the walls and features were revealed i was amazed by the space. A original brick wall was uncovered which features an original fire place. As i sit here at my desk i hear a drop as the neighbouring nesting birds drop me there daily stick down the chimney!

What i was lucky to unveil was that all the walls were in fab condition although very white and as i pondered with the idea of leaving the walls bare letting the clothing talk for itself a friend of mine simply yelled this is Be Your Sass you need colour! After a meer wobble in the paint isle of the hardware store, holding onto a scrap of material from my up-cycled room divider my first colour was selected. Denim Blue! As i licked the wall with my paint brush my white walls came to life and my shop began to have some depth! I carried on to add a splash of green in the changing room and the final florrash was a red stripe running along the ceiling from one side to the other!

Days went by, i wore nothing but dungarees, played my favourite 80s power playlist loud so not to hear those anxious voices in my head. i was surrounded by dust sheets and rogue masking tape. i loved adding colour and character to my space. i stopped only for the odd tea break and to wave at the locals who were peering through the window in curiosity. The paint dried and with days to go before the grand opening i ironed my stock furiously, rearranged rails and furniture to enable perfect shop Feng Shui.........

Opening day came..... i wore my super hero boots on the school run. Threw up twice but as the clock stroked 9am I opened my door for the first time to the world. As the first customer came in i felt vunerable, slightly awkward but i sat at my desk with my Be Your Sass logo behind me on the wall which was sprayed on just hours ago and i felt good. My shop was open!! My dreams had come true.

That night we celebrated with an after hours chin dig where friends, family and all my favourite people came in. Admiring my shop with tea cups of Babycham in hand. My mum an dad having not been in the same room for many years. Here they were all full of smiles and pride. i was beyond happy. Thankyou to all my beautiful friends for being there with me and for well just always having my back when i felt wobbly! (not due to the retro bubbles!)

You can find me in my happy place, my beautiful shop Monday to Saturday 9am till 3pm

2a Fore Street, St Columb Major, Cornwall TR9 6RH

There is an hours free on street parking just over the road and a Car park at the rear!

See you in-store soon!

Josie x

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