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Christmas what does it mean to you?

Its a funny time of year. December! Children are hyped up on the thought of santa and his sac coming down the chimney...........Us mums using him as bribery. Office loads of folk heading out for there Christmas Parties. There is a hum of excitement in the air as advent calendars are ripped open ever morning with chocolate for breakfast being a staple diet for the past month. Streets are alight with glowing reindeer and we are all well a little more cheery! My favourite thing about December is a good cheese board. Christmas Markets and seeing that guy in his festive turkey hat. He wears it with a smile every year! I love a mince pie and a warm mulled wine. Playing in the snow with my girls untill our hands are blue. Tinsel brings me out in hives but i love those twinkly lights like indoor stars.

This time of year can bring with it various trials an tribulations, be mindful of those less fortunate than us, December can be a really lonely time of year for many. I am taking some time to visit my local homelessness charity. St Petrocs, they are in need and would be so grateful for anything you can donate. You can donate toiletries, bedding or unwanted warm clothing. Do something selfless this Christmas! for more information check out and if you have any spare change i have a collection tin in store. every little helps and your spare change could mean someone less fortunate gets a hot meal on Christmas day. Being Grateful for our families and friends is also essential this time of year. Use the time off work to sit with your crazy auntie, listen to you nans stories. All sit together and watch Gavin and Stacey Christmas special whist arguing over the quality street tin. Christmas for me is all about my beautiful family and friends. Enjoying bucks fizz for breakfast, curling up on the sofa under sheets of wrapping paper after playing in the snow with my girls!

At Be your sass i'm celebrating Christmas my way! Vintage Christmas carols, handmade cards. Shopping second hand and Supporting local makers and creatives. When you buy from us independent local business it makes those late night opening hours seem worth it. It gives us something to celebrate as every sale to us is meaningful and joy us. Shopping local isn't just good for supporting local folk it also means that in some way you are too fighting fast fashion and this throw away commercial crazy season. All those adverts advertising all the things we think we need with kids yelling i want i want. As we gift buy and wrap furresley until the big day comes, boxes and packages stashed under trees.

So what does Christmas mean to you? Maybe your a slight Grinch like me or your all for the festivities with all the trimmings! Maybe sprouts are your favourite and you just wished they were available all year round. Are you in your Pyjamas whilst cooking the lunch, all out comfort? Or are you a sequins glam kinda chef? At Be your sass i got everything you need from that vintage LBD to wow the in laws or maybe your after a last minute stocking filler for those forgotten. I have a few Macrame makes left from the beautiful

Come in store browse. Dress up. I will be closed for the festivities from 25th - 27th back open just in time for New Year. Saturday 28th 9am - 3pm

I wish you all a very merry Sassy Christmas and a fabulous New Year

Big Love always. Heres to 2020!

Josie xxx

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