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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As we are all aware due to the pandemic that is Covid-19 all festivals have been postponed/cancelled. Leaving all us festival goers rather lost without our annual celebration and blow outs!

Festivals have always been a huge part of my summer. There is something about being at a festival. The freedom and the way they make you a little bit feral. No other time would cider be an appropriate morning beverage. I love music. i love noise from crowds of folk all just happy to be in the moment. For the past couple years I have not only worked with my girl theyolkal at festivals such as Great Estate, Cider Festival , or Tunes in the Dunes too name a few but i also work hard and party harder with my festival family Disco Beads at the greatest festival off all Glastonbury. i still cant believe that as i sit in my shop typing this i would off been there right now. Glastonbury weekend is upon us and im feeling rather sad to know were not there! In the most happiest fields of all where we are free to be who we want to be as egos are left at the gate and we all become at one with each other, enjoying incredible music, day drinking and leaving feeling a sense of connectivity as like many others i go to that festival to receive answers, always leaving a little more aware of all i am and all i want to be.

For me i am always inspired by the fashion at festivals! Whether your at Glastonbury making wellies a weekend staple or witnessing folk in amazing fancy dress at Port elliot! Guys and gals and everyone in between really embracing the freedom you have in any field. Men in wigs, maxi dresses and big floppy sun hats. Vintage styled with boots. Glitter, eco of course is sprinkled over everyone and anyone and the bum bag is an essential part of any outfit! Whats your favourite fashion accessory?

I love a poncho for the inevitable weekend rain and a headdress is one of my favourite festival accessories! Here is me last year really embracing my newly shaved barnet with all the fringing i think Fumbalinas would be proud of such a head piece and of course my Discobeads are my accessories of choice!

I think we should all take inspiration from festival fashion, i mean a bum bag is a great way to carry your wares, everyday! Its the perfect place to stow easily accessible daily necessities such as hand Sanitiser and tissues! Festival fashion is fun its fearless its all a little fantasy. Why shouldn't our everyday outfits not be all of the above. i mean i'm not saying a fringing glitter headdress is appropriate for the office i'm just saying we should all have fun in what were wearing everyday. Make everyday a festival of life, Be Your Sass, wear what makes you happy!

In the spirit of festival season i have added some festival inspired fashion online and instore @beyoursass including the most unbelievable leather hot pants!! Seeing is believing!

Now turn up BBC6 music get in the garden, pitch a tent if the mood takes you and make your own festival this weekend! With plenty of gin and glitter of course!

Big Love

Josie xxx

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