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Lock Down Dressing

So we are in week 5 of our COVID-19 Lock down. I think its Monday?! I am enjoying the quality time with my girls. We are loving the lazy mornings, although do you remember on Sundays when that felt like a treat and now staying in your pyjamas for too long is the norm! We are making the most of the school run being from the bedroom to the dining table. I have though rearranged the tupper-ware cupboard at stupid o'clock in the morning whilst dealing with lock down insomnia, i miss Friday date nights where i would dress to express not impress. I am scared to turn on the radio, ignoring all news updates as the constant bad news makes me feel powerless. I have applauded every Thursday for our amazing NHS, never appreciated my garden more or been so grateful for social media and my Instagram.

I mean yes at the best of time i admit i may have a slight Instagram addiction, but through this weird time i am so happy to have a constant stream of distraction and at times motivation. We are all supporting each other with sellers like myself thrifting from each other as shops are closed. I have loved getting orders from fellow vintage hoarders even hand delivering local orders from ladies who may not of worn vintage before all of this but fancied a little treat to sass up her weekday!

Maybe you survived a week by completing the #instarainbowchallenge or #getdressedanddontstress with the stylish @vintagestylebykat i have loved #wearingwellbeing with the gorgeous @goldiemagazine even donned a pillow for the #pillowdresschallege styling a pillow case into a head scarf doubled my scarf collection! The girls and i loved wearing our bed clothes. Now that is what you call a duvet day!

But maybe like me you may be running out of umph, today i have even resorted to wearing slipper socks and thrifted sliders. Help! Now more than ever my motto is really inspiring me to just be my sass, wear what makes me happy!

wether that means wearing a ball gown to take the bins out, yep that happened or wearing something comfy just to get you through the day. Hell its not like anyone's going to see you, but wear happy. Peel of those pyjamas and make an effort, if only to apply some lippy. It will make you feel better. I promise!

Don't put any pressure on yourself, we are all trying to deal with this change in times! Like many other mums out there i am now not just cook, cleaner, i am also now dealing with becoming there home teacher! Like my outfits some days are better than others....looks down at said socks and sliders! But its ok were going through a pandemic!! Now is not the time to be your best self! were in survival mode!

We are all in this together, we will come out of this stronger, sassier and well damn more grateful for being able to walk the dog for more than a hour or hug our friends and family. I look forward to opening my shop again. I will have all the summer essentials to add some sass to your summer wardrobe. I have now even become a official stock-list for

she makes awesome handmade earrings for those who dare!! I mean if that's not a be your sass accessory i don't know what is and the beautiful @happyabbey has been making me lots of handmade recycled clothing from vintage bedding!!!

Stay home, stay safe. Stay Sassy

whatever that means to you and ill see you in-store soon!

Big Love



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