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Lock down PT2

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Were coming to the end of the month, its November the year is 2020. Its a period of time that's going to go down in history. I mean a lot has happened this year. #trump is no longer in power across the pond, personally its the year i met the love of my life, i even turned 30 but no matter what it has been and will always be the year of COVID 19!

A Phenomenon, a global pandemic that has rocked our worlds, made normal well no longer exist. A year where we have predominantly been locked away for months on end as a invisible killer sweeps the world. unlike lock down 1 i havn't had my girls with me this time as there school has continued to provide education. Thank god as last lock down my beautiful Darcy forgot how to spell her name. Home teaching was not my strong suite! I do miss having them home. I mean those with children will know lock down 1 with little ones was hard, some days have been better than others, mid day Merlot has become a thing whilst hiding in a cupboard.... @dawnoporter knows! Anyone else reading her latest book. #lifeinpeices. That has got me through. But i enjoyed the un-interupted time with my gals. I taught them to bake, some days pyjamas were all we wore. One day even making bedding our uniform for a Wednesday. Yoga was a must daily, just don't mention the #zoom session with @Mawganpause. Someone say camel toe?! Cringe! This Months lock down has meant i do the school run and return home, feeling slightly lost. Uninspired without my shop to go to. I have though concentrated my time on my online store and enjoyed sending orders to London, Newquay, even across the ocean. Sending my Sass far and wide! Get a load of it!

Whats got you through? I am like before so grateful that i love where i live. Living in Cornwall means coastal walks in the autumn sunshine where i felt empowered to flash all my sass to the shore. Even last week after much persuading i donned my swimsuit for a brisk sea swim! I have used this time to really concentrate on me. Push my limits and Ironically i have never felt so free in who i am and who i'm trying to be. Surprisingly and yes controversial like lock down 1 i am again feeling thankful for my social media feed. #instagram to be exact. Those little squares not only mean instant social connection with like minded creative humans around me but also i am #gettingdressedanddontstress finding a reason to wear that vintage 70's Woodstock inspired dress if only to sit and pose on my dressing table. Dress available online. If you follow me on Insta you would of seen my vibe has been all about statement socks and my second hand #birkenstocks all out socks and sandals!

Today we are celebrating, you may of heard i am set to re-open my shop. Lock down Pt2 is coming to an end. As of Thursday 3rd December i will be back in my happy place from 9am to 3pm . I cant wait to see you all! I have a feature rail of Vintage party frocks. Perfect for any occasion including some serious LBDs with all the SASS! How about shopping local and keeping it sustainable this Christmas with my in store gift ideas from @happyabbeythreads @oohlalemons @keepsakecreaturesofcornwall and not forgetting @olafalastudion and @peapodcreations you have to see her #rupaul recycled tin art. i've even got into the festive spirit with a little fairy light action! Adding some serious colour to our lil vintage shop and lighting up my local high street of St Columb Major, Cornwall.

Look forward to seeing you in store next week hours are Tuesday - Saturday 9am till 3pm. You will find me on Fore Street, St Columb Major, Cornwall TR9 6RH

There is on street parking opposite and a pay and display car park at the rear. Grand reopening Thursday 3rd December. Put it in your diaries!

All The Love, Always

Josie xxx

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