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Looking Forward to Autumn

What a summer it has been. We may not of been enjoying festivals, or vacating like we used to but i have certainly enjoyed our Great British summer. Me personally i have made the most of my Cornish coast with many a beach day on my days off, spending lots of time at our much loved playground The Eden Project. I have enjoyed my first summer in my shop. The shop door has been wide open, i am so giddy to have support from all yall regular faces popping in, if not to purchase but to just wish me a good day, even being gifted with coffee which i am always happy about! I have enjoyed meeting so many new folk from near and far as they visit my shop as apart of there holidays, styling and selling all those sassy summer essentials. I have sold out of the many styles and colours of sassy vintage sandals as you have all walked out in as you kicked off your shoes for a hasty on the spot restyle! You sassy lot have shopped till you dropped with me and i'm so grateful for you all! I will be replacing the sandals with lots of Autumn appropriate footwear including the raddest 80s boots which are in store already. My door will be pulled too to keep the heat in as i dust of my in-store radiator but i am very much open Tuesday - Saturday 9am till 3pm. Come play dress up! Lets add some sass to your Autumn Winter wardrobes!

Autumn is an amazing time of year, long gone is the unpredictability of the British summer, instead we welcome cosy nights in by the fire, Spiced lattes, all the stodgy food we can get our mitts on i love the return of tights, sustainable of course! I have added a selection of unopened vintage hoisery everything from my go to fishnets and retro packaged tights in all colours and styles available in-store now!

What are you looking forward too as we get ready to embrace a new season?

Autumn for me is a great time to get outdoors, as you know when i'm not in the shop i am at my most happiest with my miniature yorkie Gus exploring in the woods, probably collecting pine cones! I love this season in nature as its the time the leaves go a nice orange shade, conkers pop up everywhere and pumpkins become spooky decorations. My girls cant wait for halloween. Any excuse to dress up right! You can find an awesome collection of sustainable second hand fancy dress from the one and only @fancy_dregs Its the time of year we dust off our coat collection. You will find a rail of coats replacing those summer skirts in-store. I have everything from faux fur, retro sportswear and vintage wool in all the colours including a beautiful blue number! With the weather very much on the turn. i also have a feature rail in-store brimming with vintage knitwear. I love the effortless styling of a oversized jumper! Come in and have a little rummage!

Here's to the new season.........stay safe, Stay Sassy.

Big Love Always


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