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Macrame Madness

I have gone macrame mad here at Be Your Sass! Macrame has found its way to every nook and cranny of my little shop. From dainty air plant holders adding even more foliage and character to my happy place to a beautiful rainbow wall hanging with its gorgeous colours brightening up my favourite blue wall.

Macrame is known as the art of tying decorative knots. its made using various materials and fabrics. I am in love with the way colours are tied together to create beautiful pieces of art!

I am now an official stock list for

I met Ola at my first ever #beyoursass pop up. Her smile, her love of macrame and her talent was so beautiful! I'm in ore of her macrame creations made using recycled cotton from her home town of Poland! I want to use my shop to support fellow creatives, makers and artists. Together me and Ola have a lot we wanna create! When sass met macrame! I am now also showcasing Helen Hoyles work. A local collage artists who i have become fab friends with.

So what are me and Ola up to..........I have various jackets that are shall we say not sassy enough to have in-store. They are jackets that i have sourced from kilo sales in random bundles of clothing which need some upcycling! I am all about reducing, reusing and recycling and the idea of these jackets just being discarded and sent to landfill as there not 'sassy' enough is not a thing, with Ola's help they shall be macramed! Ola is going to add some macrame magic! Sewing a woven panel onto the back of a jacket is nothing new, but Ola wanted to try it for myself! She went for abstract circular designs with macramé fringing. What do you think?

I will have a small selection of up-cycled jackets available in store soon. Watch this space! They are all one of a kind and made in small batches. They are perfect for winter layering adding character and individuality to your everyday wear. Come in store Lets play dress up and maybe you too will catch the macrame bug! If so we have just the antidote. How do you fancy trying your hand at Macrame? Ola will be a hosting a air plant holder macrame workshop at Be your Sass HQ

Wednesday 15th January

6.30 - 8pm

£20pp All materials included.

Macrame to get you over that mid week hump and brighten up your January. What better way to get to know macrame and make Something totally handmade super unique. Ola will be there to help us make and do with you being able to take your creation home at the end of the session.

For more information and to book your place on the workshop follow the link below or pop in store. Places are limited!

Me and Ola look forward to meeting you and giving you the macrame bug! till then Big Love and let the macrame madness begin!

Josie xx

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