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My First Pop Up!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Yesterday was a exciting day in my world! It was my very first Be your Sass pop up stall. It was held in my local community centre of St Columb Major and hosted by the gorgeous The theme was summer vintage fayre. it couldn't be more perfect!

i arrived armed with all my vintage wares. i introduced myself to the fellow stall holders and instantly felt at ease and excited! I dressed my trestle table with a bright floral table cloth, used vintage suitcases and wicker baskets to display my vintage scarfs and accessories. My hand painted red rail i used to hang my dresses and vintage garments stood pride of place. i even up-cycled some wicker legs that brought lots of smiles and attention. My card machine was charged and i was ready to go.

I admired my fellow stall holders and local craft people in there established stalls and felt like i fitted right in. All there artwork and hand made crafts displayed so professionally and perfectly. My neighbour for the day was an inspiring lady @thehealingtableuk she invited me to pick one of her angel cards that simply read 'patience' so apt for me in my life and new business. she entertained me with stories of her life and what she does for a living including up-cycling coffins. i couldn't stop smiling!

Then out of nowhere a interesting gentleman approached my stall, as he admired the suitcase of vintage scarves he asked me all about Be your Sass and what it means i explained i like to encourage people to express not impress and be who they want to be and wear what makes them happy. He picked out a royal blue patterned scarf, as he wrapped it around his collared neck he announced his purchase. I had made my first sale! As i put the money in my coin tin i felt so proud! The gentleman sauntered off with a skip in his step and i watched him head for the vintage photo booth in the next room scarf on display!

My day was a dream, from playing dress up with my best friend who came to support me to eating far to much delicious cakes. i felt like i was doing it. i had established myself at my first event! The day flew by i met some lovely people, made some sales and got my name out there with the locals. As i packed away my wares and said goodbye to my new fellow stall traders the scarfed man re emerged wearing a statement hat, an eye mask, his new favourite scarf holding a Ukulele! He had found his alter ego he was wearing what made him happy. He was being his sass! He gifted me a framed copy of his photo which he had simply signed 'its the scarf that makes it'

Thank you so much to everyone who came yesterday, My fellow stall holders who were so helpful and lovely and to this beautiful man my very first pop up customer!

Josie x

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