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New year…..don't buy new!

Were doing it, January is in full swing! How are you keeping your new years resolutions? Did you even make any?

Maybe you renewed your long overdue gym subscription and have been hauling your butt to the gym every evening or your taking this fresh new 12 months to start a new hobby learn a new skill. I am attempting to learn French and trying to do more yoga with the kids.

January always brings with it a resolution to change a chance to start again. To do things differently this year. So here is an idea. How about you vow, like me this new year to not buy new!

Now you may or may not of heard of second hand September. Last year millions of us me included spent the month only buying second hand clothing. Only buying from thrift shops, charity shops and second hand vintage shops like me. Avoiding those high street chains which contribute to the fast fashion epidemic that is effecting us all! Buying second hand is not only good for the world but it is so much more cost effective! Charity shops are so competitive on price with good quality clothing and vintage clothing being made to last. Vintage garments are always made well, with gorgeous materials and fabrics unlike the high street items which are literally made in a throw away attitude to get you to buy more.

So what do you think. You up for it?

Lets all change our mindset and be a little more aware of our shopping habits. And i realise every garment we wear cant be bought second hand. Underwear and Hosiery is best bought new. Try and shop from stores with a sustainability attitude try brands like They are the only sustainable hosiery brand or Tomboyx is an underwear brand with an agenda: an agenda that promotes respect as there common language and encourages everyone to be unapologetically themselves. I mean if that isn't Being Your Sass i don't know what is!

Come in store and play dress up with me. Lets update your look for 2020. Find that statement piece that you need to be apart of your wardrobe for this year to come discover that you too look fab in shoulder pads! I have a little January sale on coats. All half price!

As well as shopping second hand vintage at Be Your Sass how about you bring along those garments that need a little TLC. i can repair those jeans for you. Give them a new lease of life rather than discarding them. Be Mindful reduce, re wear, recycle! If like many others this new decade brings with it the urge for a clear out. I will be hosting my very first Swoosh. A community clothing swap! Details and more information soon to come!

So what are your resolutions? no pressure. Every new year should be embraced. What will the next 12 months bring who knows. If you follow me on social media you will see that my New Years Eve definitely did not go to plan. Involving a broken elbow and a stint in hospital. What i am looking forward to though is celebrating my 30th birthday, the return of summer hopefully attending Glastonbury's 50th Anniversary. Many more Be Your Sass related successes.

I wish you nothing but happiness and love as we enter 2020!

Big love always!



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