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Ohh la lemons

What are you yelling at me? Ohh la lemons! No this isn't my new greeting but it is the name of my latest in-store collaboration! id Like to introduce the beautiful Jess off Ooh La Lemons. Now available in-store at Be Your Sass!

I first met Jess of Ooh La Lemons back in February after a few too many 'sherbarts' in our local pub where we both complimented each others style and i swooned over her beautiful pooch Bella. Since meeting her again in-store, sober might i add and discovering her new business venture which she has started from her home in our home town. I of course wanted to be involved and support her in any way i can!

So what does she do, she makes unique, handmade accessories. Made only from up-cycled fabrics! Accessories that include rad scruncies which are so on trend right now and awesome head scarfs, there turban like style is so comfortable and stylish!

Her slogan is: Be fun, be funky and be kind to the planet! Everything Be Your Sass is about! check her out on Instagram and why not give her a little follow!

Jess is so lovely, down to earth, so dedicated to her new business baby its a joy to have her apart of my shop and to be apart of her story! Her eye for design and her sewing enthusiasm even has me motivated to be back behind my sewing machine! When i asked Jess why her business name is ohh la lemons, i was awaiting an elaborate story. Instead she told me her first ever fabric she recycled had lemons on it and her sewing soundtrack for the day featured songs with ooh la?! we have since both agreed too tell people it involved Tequila. Jesus i think there is a theme occurring here?!

You all know by now supporting my maker and creative friends is a pinnacle part of my business not only do i want to provide a vintage clothing shop selling sassy and of course sustainable fashion but a place to come and shop independent business's with a desire to bring y'all sustainable alternatives to the high street!

Jess has not only made me a array of scrunchie's that are bang on trend for the summer available in so many patterns and prints, yes the lemon fabric is featured! She has also been busy making a creating some awesome head scarfs from reduce reused recycled material. See her Etsy shop for her full range. Instore at Be Your Sass i have a few limited pieces which are selling fast, hanging pride of place in-store on vintage thrifted badminton rackets! I mean if that's not sassy merchandising i don't know what is! (Popping Prosecco while on our tip toes screwing in fixings was quite the moment. I mean no we wasn't drinking again?!)

I look forward to seeing you in-store soon, come and shop not only vintage sustainable clothing but shop sustainable high street alternatives such as hair accessories, reworked clothing, up-cycled tin art, recycled macrame creations even locally made hand sanitiser!

Big Love and drink responsibly kids!!


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