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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Its been a long couple of months. We have all had our lives locked down! Literally.

You have spent the last couple of weeks in lounge wear, maybe not even wearing a bra. Are your in need of a fashion refresh, some retail therapy, your wardrobe needs a little sass!

Does the idea of trawling In and out of shops, up and down the high street fill with you angst? The endless queing, will you wear a mask?

Turning hunter gatherer for a dress you can envisage seems impossible to find. You have no time or patience for a shopping spree!

That's where i come in! I have endless stock. Vintage garments and second hand clothing looking for a forever home. Frocks that may not fit in the shop. garments yet to be uploaded online. Bespoke pieces awaiting that customer! Message me or come in-store with a brief and let me do the rest.

Are you returning back to work after a long time away, have you have been working from home in your comfy's and your now heading back to the office. Wanting to wow at the copy machine! Make that return to normal, whatever normal is now an excuse to doll yourself up, reinvent yourself!

Maybe you have been virtually dating through lock down and now with the restrictions being slowly lifted you are finally going to go on that date. You need some sass!

Have you been invited to a do. A socially distance garden party, do you need a frock?

Maybe you wore a Harrington Jacket to school back in the day and you are wanting to relive your youth. Don't trawl the shops for a high street knock off let me see if i have what your looking for in stock.

Jess did exactly that, she messaged me with a plea to help her find her perfect coat, she sent me some details about the style she wanted. I trawled my many rails, rails of collected vintage i have hoarded over the years. All hanging in my work room. (The perks and problems off being a vintage clothing collector) My spare room dedicated to clothing! I did though manage to find her exactly what she wanted. A 1950s rain mac with all the sass, it fits her perfectly! It was made for her!

I love to source and style vintage fashion. Its like putting together the perfect puzzle. I want to make an ensemble come together to make you feel put together. I want you to look and feel all that sass!

Find self confidence in who you are wearing vintage clothing. All with the knowledge that no one at the party will be wearing the same as you. Completely unique and rocking it! So what can i source for you. Come in-store for a chat or Simply email me with your occasion, sizing, budget and style.

I look forward to hearing from you

Big Love

Josie xxx

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