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Pinch-Punch 1st of the month

Its the start of a new month. I am glad to see the back of January! With a new month comes new preconceptions, I love that pinch and punch of a new 4 weeks. February of course is the month of Valentines are you planning a date night lock down style? Maybe your seeking for something special for dinner. Check out Marks & Spencer and there dine in for 2 offer available from 10-14th February. I am going to be swooning my love with cocktails courtesy of Tom Thumb, you can too with there pre bottled cocktails delivered to your door. I mean any excuse for a cocktail right! keep an eye on my socials for my Be Your Sass virtual valentines insta live sale. Where you can treat yourself or your loved one to a little Sass!

February though for me Personally this year marks the year i not only get divorced but I turn the ripe old age of 31, How will i be celebrating... more cocktails? Think there's a theme occurring here? I'm also set to get adult braces courtesy of Portman Smile Clinic! Y'all that know me know i have insecurities surrounding my mouth and teeth. With my dog eating my retainer when i was younger (yes that happened) to now resulting in some would say my trademark buck smile. For me now as i become more and more aware of my teeth and my smile to which i am some what more conscious off i am set to undergo dental procedures in the form of permanent 'train tracks' I cant wait to share my journey with you. Be sure to keep an eye on my Socials for all the Sass goings on! In and out of our shop!

Our shop may be temporarily closed but behind the scenes i am preparing the shop for SPRING/SUMMER!! It feels good to be filling my rails and online store with all that summer vintage! Cute dresses perfect for light warm summer days with all that sass! i am also getting the diary filled with dates to look forward too.... planning a androgynous fashion show at the one and only Lane Theatre. Talks are happening, as i plan to bring this never before Be Your Sass event to 2021 where the main focus will be on vintage military. A chance for you to shop my exclusive collection of androgynous uniform apart of my You, Me,Us, We campaign from last year. With proceeds going to Pride London. See Previous blog for more details and watch this space..........

As we free fall through 2021 is there anything your looking forward too as right now i feel we need any thing in that diary to keep us motivated! Spring i feel is edging closer, the snow of last month has now melted and the nights are definitily feeling a lot lighter! Daffodils are starting to raise there yellow heads and whats that, can i hear a lamb? i cant wait to add all my spring/summer sass online for yall to shop from the comfort of your own home. Think vintage cotton dresses, retro tees and up-cycled shorts in all the styles and sizes!

Lets make 2021 the year we all see that silver lining. We have endured a lot over these last few months. We got this! Keep on keeping on. Stay safe and forever keep it Sassy!!!

Big Love Always,

Josie xxx

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