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Shall we handshake or kiss on the cheek?

Ow no wait, Covid 19: Keep 2m away! Anyone else missing a proper hello which included dare i say it, a HUG?! Will we ever hug again? As we cant meet in person right now I thought id do a little introduction......

Hi i'm Josie, (imagine big awkward wave) I am the owner of Be Your Sass, its my vintage clothing store in my home town of St Columb Major. Cornwall. I have had my shop for over a year now. i have survived and still am thriving through a global pandemic, hey if i can do that i can do anything! Read my previous blog 'The birth of Be Your Sass' to find out more information on how and why i started my business!

You will read in such blog that i am a proud mumma to two beautiful humans. Darcy my beautiful eldest daughter who i can not believe will be 8 this year and the marvel that is Betsy who is 5 going on 15! I don't know where they get there sass from?! Ahem

Being a mum and a business owner, especially now during a pandemic is some what challenging. What with home schooling being the new daily norm and my shop being temporarily closed till who knows when. 2020/2021 definitely has been a time of reflect, reset and well relying on midday merlot some days to get me through! Now i feel like i'm painting a somewhat portray of myself....hey first impressions and all that.

But yall know not to judge a book by its cover, right!

For those that don't know i am a gal that's all about breaking stereotypes. My aesthetic for example, i rock a buzz cut, i have a facial tattoo and i believe you could spot me in a crowd what with my colourful dress sense. Yall know my moto by now! (#beyoursass wear what makes you happy!) You may judge me, you may second glance. Maybe that's the point. Now i'm glad i got your attention!

My favourite colour is green, pinecones make me happy. I not only have one in every room of my house, on my desk instore but i even wear a silver one around my neck gifted from my best friend, my sister! My favourite food is cheese, i would eat cheese on toast for every meal if i could! i not only wear and sell vintage but i drive a vintage #nissanfigaro goes by the name Dolly. After well come on. Miss Parton!!

I miss meeting people! Socialising for me is one of my favourite past times, I mean i could people watch for hours! Meeting and making friends is so important to me Whether its making friends with my customers in store at Be Your Sass, chance encounters with folks in a field at a festival or just saying hello and smiling at a pass byer in the street. Strangers are just people we havnt made friends with yet, right!

I am smiling under my mask i promise!!

I can not wait to meet you properly and see you instore soon, till then. Stay Sassy!

All the love, always!


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