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St Columb Major Shoppers guide PT 2

With my first blog debuting my special little home town being so well received i thought it only neceasary to do a part 2 this time featuring the other gorgeous little businesses and shops this unique market town has to offer.

90% of our towns shops are all owned by local independent family's. folk just like me. Honest hard working people with a passion, a desire, a dream. In this day an age where the high street is dying out that is so rare and should be celebrated! You can celebrate with us just by shopping local and supporting us all.

So we start at the bottom of our town, you know me i like to stray from the path and if you know St Columb with our historic one way streets and narrow pavements you have to be ok with straying from the desired path!

Out first stop is at id like to introduce you to Noel and Jill. They offer a rare service that i think is so special. so unique. They create art and sculptures, sometimes combining crematorium ash into the sculptures to bring to you an alternative to an urn. They hand make there beautiful sculptures from Cornish granite dust. You have the option to add your loved ones ashes to the mix to leave you with a beautiful piece that is so significant to you. Who wants a urn in the corner when you can have a beautiful handmade sculpture proud of place! Go and talk to them, see what they can do for you. if anything just pop in for a candle and a chat! There shop really is a beautiful creative space so warm and inviting with Noel & Jill being the most lovliest humans! Check them out on Instagram not only is there art beautiful in itself there motivational and inspiring quotes really do make me smile! @castingashes

Just over the road you will walk past the oldest pub in St Columb Major, The Ringer Bells. Why not pop in for a cheeky boosy lunch! The pub has undergone new management as sadly the legend Brian retired after almost 30 years. Ringer Bells is now ran by the brilliant ladies formally of The Round Kitchen. There extensive menu of expertly cooked dishes all made using local ingredients is well worth a try. Washed down with one of there house cocktails! its definitely my go to with there 2 for 1 nights being super popular.

if your looking for a lunch a little less boosy head to Minkie Moo bakery Our towns new very own vegan bakery. I mean yes i know its all the ironic that its in our old butchers but what shes done with the place is fab! Shes brought so much colour, charm and character to this shop. How about trying one of her homemade vegan pasties or just a coffee to take away (bring your own cup!) as-well as all he delicious vegan bakes and treats you can also shop from her eco friendly, zero waste, sustainable and refillable shopping area!! She has stocked everything from bamboo toothbrushes to environmentally friendly zero waste cosmetics! Shopping locally, zero waste products just got easier and i coudn't be more happier than these products are now available in our town. Finally a alternative to the high street chain Boots! Debbie is a real beauty, her cafe is going to go from strength to strength. i cant wait to see it thriving

Next door to Minkie Moos is the amazing Alice Stevens Metal smith She is an extremely talented metal smith making beautiful things from all types of metal. From book marks to jewellery. Her shop window is admired daily by my youngest daughter who thinks her jack skeleton is as she says "awesome" Alice is super talented and well worth a browse as her metal creations are truly one of the kind! Why not pop in and get something extra special for valentines day!

so you have learnt that there is an alternative to the urn, you have eaten and brought Eco friendly maybe treated yourself to a handmade metal bookmark! How about doing something reckless........... i mean it is new year maybe your new years resolution was to make a change. update your look.........Up the road we have our newly relocated tattoo studio. He has moved to a new central location which has given him more space to get inking and parking! an essential in St Columb Major. Jonny Silver is prided on his professional attitude and eye for tattooing! check him out at

Maybe you wanted something a little less permanent. Ok if a tattoo isn't for you how about updating his look with a hair cut. Just next door is A super friendly barbers. Its where i like to go for my buzz cut. Callie and Seb are friendly, welcoming and super competitive on price! My do just costing me a fiver!

Now whilst hes in the barbers chair and getting a new look how about we update your wardrobe! A jaunt in St Columb Major wouldn't be complete without some sass. Maybe a new spring frock, something to revamp your style. That's where i come in! Come in store play dress up! Lets get sassy! Once hes been groomed get him to meet you in-store. I got men's stuff too!

Thank you for shopping local and supporting us all. Our Town is home and is on the rise. With 2020 bringing with it new shops. We await the opening of the towns new dog groomers, new housing going in right in the centre of town and the return of the tourists in the summer.

I look forward to Seeing you in St Columb Soon.

Big Love

Josie xxx

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