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Sustainable Fashion

Did you know that those garments that you purchase from the high street, from stores such as #primark or #topshop are made to fade, rip, shrink in the wash! The reason, you have to buy more to replace it. You keep returning to replenish those items as they are NOT made to last! These fashions may be cheap but its throw away! Its what is adding to our every growing damaging impact on the planet!

Throwaway fashion: Eleven million garments end up in landfill each week, Oxfam claims This is clothing that should not be purchased in the first place. When you shop from these mundane fashion stores you are literally throwing away money as well as clothing! Fast Fashion is the second most polluting industry on our planet. its negative impact includes the use of toxic textile dyes, using gallons of water to create a single cotton garment. Even producing 10% of the worlds emissions!

"As consumers, it's in our power to make a real difference. Buying second-hand clothes helps to slow the ferocious fast fashion cycle, giving garments a second lease of life."

We are all aware of the fast fashion clothing industry and what the high street is doing to our economy as well as our beloved planet. This weekend i made a special visit to Exeter Phoenix where i viewed #iamgreta by #gretathunberg its her debut independent movie highlighting our global state of emergency in her fight for our climate crisis. A film about acting to stop climate change before it's too late as well as Greta over the last couple years i have been following the rise of the iconic extinction rebellion group who also highlight the importance of shopping more economically and mindfully. Buying second hand clothing is not only good for the world but for me means your buying something unique, sassy! I know that its not manufactured for the masses and found on some mundane mannequin!

Break up with fast fashion. Shop Sustainable! Shop vintage clothing that will live the test of time and never go out of style. At Be Your Sass you will find sustainable fashion with all the sass, instore and online you will find hand selected vintage clothing for one and all.... everything from shoes, shirts and shell suit jackets! Yeah you heard me! Lets all #beyoursass wear what makes us happy all in the knowledge we are keeping it #sustainable

In-store i also offer a #repairandrewear service with the help of my gal @happyabbeythreads who is not only a wizz with a sewing machine but also a proud member of Newquays Extinction Rebellion. Reduce your clothing waste by bringing us your garments that need a little TLC. Got those jeans you can no longer wear, Abbey will add some elastic to make them fit, ripped your favourite dress. Don't discard it lets restore that beauty! Her latest project, making adult robes from discarded towels, which will be available in-store soon!

Be Your Sass Shop can be found on Fore Street, St Columb Major, Cornwall TR9 6RH

Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am till 3pm Come get SASSY!

Big Love, always!


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