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The Birth of Be Your Sass!

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

The Birth of Be Your Sass!

I have birthed two beautiful humans into this world! The birth of my business although hasn’t been like pushing a double decker up a hill with its hand break on (most practical way i can describe childbirth!) It hasn’t already been without its feelings of nausea, tears and feelings of ‘what the hell am I doing?’ but like when your holding your new bundle of joy I have also felt so grateful, so proud and so full of love and happiness!

Many people ask me how I started Be Your Sass well here’s the story…..

Once upon a time… no i'm only kidding that’s annoying!

I believe that many things have had to happen in my life to line me up to be where I am now, in having the self confidence to start my own business and as my two girls are now in full time education, hallelujah! I now also have the time!

I got my self confidence from owning my own cafe. I opened a cafe with one of my dear friends, something as a child I have always wanted to do. I pictured me in a vintage pinny serving up coffee and cakes, surrounded by kitsch teapots and sugar bowls. Although our cafe was far from my vintage tea room dreams it was still our cafe and we loved making such an unusual space work for both of us. I met some amazing people and learnt the art of latte! I also unfortunately learnt that maybe the catering side of the cafe just wasn't for me. I'm not going to deny it. I didn't enjoy cooking for people! Slight problem!

We said goodbye to our cafe and although I was sad to see that venture came to an end I was now brave enough to start a new business and hopefully find joy in my other passion. Clothing!

I have always believed that individuality is personality. I have always dressed to express me and never to impress anyone else. My outfits daily define my mood, define my style or lack of and define my love for vintage, second hand clothing! As one of my best friends began calling me Sass and a family member of mine stating they wish they could wear what I wear or dress how I dress. I simple stated you can wear what you like, you can BE YOUR SASS. wear what makes you happy! I realised then that I want to give people a shop that they can come and play dress up in, a place to find self confidence in who they are wearing second hand vintage clothing. Not clothing that has been mass produced and fueled our fast fashion problem. An Idea of be who you want to be. BE YOUR SASS!

That Monday after leaving the cafe I paced about panicked! I didn't have a source of income anymore yet still had the normal bills and mouths to feed. I began to ponder taking on the lease for the empty shop that conveniently was directly beneath my house. It was perfect, no commuting, children could be upstairs, it was in St Columb and the rent could be negotiated. Great - Well if Only it was that easy….

I discovered that the business rates would cripple me and the idea to split the building into separate businesses with an in house seamstress and a coffee shop became increasingly harder to manifest but i was adamant this was the answer, i mean i know im stubborn but i had to make it happen!

Now im a true believer in everything happens for a reason and call it cheesy call it what you want but i know that the universe gives out only what we can handle and that there are answers in all that happens to us. The day I was supposed to sign for my potentially burdening shop I discovered that there were some complications with my landlord. Not only could I not sign for the shop lease but my house above was also now in jeopardy! Shopless and potentially homeless in one swoop. Thanks Universe for the DO NOT SIGN THAT LEASE message!

Now as well as believing in fate and of course the universe i have got everything in life from that age of saying it's not what you know, it's who you know. Most of my jobs I have gotten in the past are from personal recommendations, Situations in my life have occurred through a conversations and ultimately being in the right place at the right time. Call it luck, call it my path, call it whatever you like.

With that being said I have a connection to a beautiful lady that i have always wanted to support. I supported her as a customer in her cafe and then extended the love as she became our cake baker in our cafe. Not only is she a beautiful cake creator but she also organises local fairs and events in my town. Upon hearing of the cafe closure and learning about my new online clothing store she then supported me and offered me a space to hold my very first Be Your Sass pop up stall, it was at this market on a Sunday in my hometown that I met the beautiful Landlord And Lady to my new shop. It was a meeting that sparked the conversation of similar interests and the desire to bring a little something to our small town of St Columb that they offered me there disused shop

The Be your Sass store is born! As I now set to Open my dream shop, as well as run my online store i look forward to what my Be Your Sass venture will bring. I can’t wait to watch it grow!

I want to thank everyone so far that has supported me, helped me in any way and for all the well wishers from local people! I hope to meet and clothe all you lovely people, I have dreams of online success and ultimately I want to do my bit to stop fast fashion. My true goal though is to give people self confidence in who they are, wearing beautiful second hand vintage clothing and a chance to promote the idea of dressing to make you happy.

So I finish my story with my sign of



Big Love always

Josie xxx

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