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The Day i met Simon........

The day I met Simon………..

Knock Knock at the shop door, I had just received my shop keys i was dancing around the shop celebrating, ready to get started with a paintbrush in one hand filler in the other!

My first ever visitor was at the door, I opened apologising for the mess I was greeted by a handshake from a rather Suave and sophistically dressed gentleman. His smile big and his greeting genuine. Hello i'm Simon he announced, i'm being nosy he confessed! He tells me he is a St Columb born boy and asks what my intentions were with my new space.

I tell him all about my vision for my shop and explain what Be Your Sass is all about. I unveil its going to be my Vintage Second hand shop where you come to play dress up and find self confidence in who you are wearing vintage clothing. He inquisitively asks what Sass means and i give him the blurb. You know it my now. Be Your Sass - Be who you want to be. Wear what makes you happy. Dress to express not impress!

He doesn't stop grinning and behind his statement glasses i see a twinkle in his eye. He wishes my luck and with that he leaves.

A few days later I received a photograph from said suave man. He wrote ‘something you said resonated in me’, he commented how nice it was to meet me and the picture was simply Captioned “I'M BEING MY SASS!”

I replied instantly with so much love, admiration. In ore of his transformation wearing what I now understand to be his trademark pumps! He looked gorgeous! As we message more we unveil that in his words we are kindred spirits with so many things in common and mutual ideas. Talks turned to organising a Pop Up Be Your Sass party.

As my shop also transformed and i opened my doors. He visited days later to discuss party plans and it was in said meeting when we got to sit together, talk personally and swap life stories. He told me his struggles growing up, his woes with trying to understand who he was, why he liked to wear ballet shoes. Ballerinas to a young Simon were the epiphany of the female form. Graceful, Dainty, Gorgeous dancers with so much pose and power. He was in love with wearing ballet pumps. So much so he now gets them personally tailored in various styles. I listened to him intently, sat there open mouthed as he told me his story. His tale has led him to where he is now. Ready to state F**k It. Dress to express his true self not impress others. I asked inquisitively do you have a name for your female alter ego and he announces Darcey. After Darcey Bussell. ballerina. Obviously!

Now as if we didn't have enough mutual love, appreciation and new understanding of each other I revealed my eldest daughters name. Darcy!!

I am so in awe of Simon and his story. He too inspired by Be Your Sass. we wanna celebrate!

Me and Simon would like to cordially invite you to our night of fabulousness. An evening for dressing up with drinks, delicious food all to a soundtrack of classic tracks from the Vinyl Collective. Need an excuse for an early Christmas get together? Look no further.......

Friday 13 December


Fore Street Cafe. Newquay

Clothes to try and buy Food till 20.00. Drinks till late

Maybe just maybe for the first time ever we will meet Darcey!

Big love, see you there!

Josie xx

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