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Wear what makes you happy!

Life is too short not to right? I mean all we have gone through these last couple of months with a global pandemic forcing us all to be more aware of our health not just of ourselves but of everyone else around us! I have never been more aware off how fragile life is and how much we take our lives for granted.

That being said i'm encouraging you now more than ever to Be Your Sass, wear what makes you happy!! Our happiness as well as our health counts for so much! It is crazy how much our outfits, our clothing can effect our moods. For me personally i dress for my mood every morning. Whether i'm feeling sexy, strong, sassy rocking sky high platforms on the coffee run or maybe feeling vulnerable and in need of some comfort so throw on that jumper that no matter how many times i wash it, it always smells like my girls as its the pull over i wear when were all snuggled on the sofa! What do you wear that makes you feel complete? you feel content when wearing it, you feel confident. you feel sassy?

I feel at my most sassiest when wearing a awesome print, a red lip and a super short buzz cut. Having this almost armour against the world. Its my uniform! Its me being my most authentic self, walking out the door and saying hello world. This is me!

When i feel low or i'm having a bad skin day (well i don't get bad hair days very often, perks of not having any!) i reach for my favourite vintage green peaked hat and everything in my world is happy. Silly i know but to my hat like my armour almost becomes my helmet. i have this barrier between me and them that allows me to feel protected! Funny isn't it how i can get all that comfort from a hat. Try it. Next time you feeling low pop on something that makes you feel content, hell why not slip on a little lippy. A bold statement lip instantly brightens your complexion and leaves you feeling sassier!

I'm not saying i get it right every time. i have definitely looked back at my #instagram feed and thought 'what was i thinking?!' did i actually style that top with that skirt. but on that day, in that moment for that mood that outfit made me happy! That's all that matters right? Wearing happy its good for our well being! Its everything i stand for. BE YOUR SASS, WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! If your wearing happy you cant help but feel confident, feel unstoppable and they might think you look funny or hell not conforming but why should we conform. individuality is personality. Look at me over here with my fuschia pencil skit and 80s inspired shoulder padded statement blouse, wearing what makes me smile! you saying you don't wanna hang with me?!

Vintage clothing i think has something for everyone and anyone. Wild prints that you cant help but smile at, bright bold patterns that brighten even the greyest day. come in-store come and find some sass! That statement piece you will wear always, will always bring you some happy. I got it all even a suitcase of hats to hide under when you need that armour!

Big Love

Stay Sassy



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