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What a summer its been!

Summer for me means one thing, Festival Season! And this year its been one hell of a summer. I kicked started my festival season in style with #glastonbury2019

Glastonbury is my happy place. It makes me question who i am and what i'm about, it blows my mind in ways i can not explain and this year was no exception with the weather beyond beautiful it was set to be the hottest Glastonbury on record. I not only play at the greatest festival on earth and believe me i play but i work hard. I work and support #discobeads on there colourful beaded stall. We all work together in spreading love in those fields and always make sure we make the most of every moment. i am so lucky to be given the opportunity to be there and never take my experience for granted. Among many highlights this year i got to witness and meet a comedian that made me laugh so much my eyes leaked and my tummy hurt (sounds painful) but this guy is one of the funniest humans i have ever set my eyes on #paulcurriecomedy is a genius a comedy whirlwind and a guy that made hand puppets and pandas a thing?! Google Panda Hands! You will not be disappointed!

#Portelliot for me was my favourite festivals this year. With it being the final year this festival would take place the organisers and all involved were sure to go out with a bang. From amazing stages and unbelievable acts it was a music and art explosion! My most memorable moment was meeting the incredible and truly inspirational #dragsyndrome a group of down syndrome drag queens who i met again whilst working on the Disco Beads stall. These charismatic queens blew me away with there costumes there attitudes and there pure desire to preform and just be who they want to be. They were Sass!

For me being at festivals is what sparked be your sass, the idea that when you enter a festival you leave your ego at the gate. No-one is there to judge or preconceive your free to dress how you want, live in the moment and just be. It was from being at festivals that i learnt that people are amazing and i love being surrounded by humans from all walks of life, all ages, all sexes. just people. All in one place at the same time to enjoy music, break boundaries, experiment and ultimately be free of the shackles of day to day life.

This weekend was the last festival of the year. #littleorchardfestival and for this weekend Not only did i work alongside my gorgeous friend in her breakfast horse box, #theyolkal. Where we bring all you hungry campers breakfast and help ease away your hangovers with banter and bacon! It was also my time to shine with my own festival stall. I brought all you cider drinkers the very first #beyoursass festival pop up stall where i sold second hand festival fashion. Whilst making you breakfast you played dress up and donned dresses and outfits to wear on your nights out. A beautiful little girl i met brought one of my re-purposed up-cycled shirts and came back the next morning to show me her festival attire and told me she loved being on the dance floor in her party shirt.

Festivals are a fab place to experiment with your appearance and wear things you wouldn't usually wear, meet people you would never usually meet and wear things you would never usually dream of. As festival season ends i intend to make everyday a festival. The festival of life! i want to make second hand vintage clothing an excuse everyday to play dress up. Wear sequins to Friday night dinner, wear that party frock on a Wednesday because it makes you smile. Just be you. Be who you want to be.

I'm off to pack away my tent. Hey all things have to come to an end but as festival season finishes another season starts. Autumn for me will bring lots of vintage second hand knitwear and layers being added to my online store but it will also be the season i open my #beyoursass shop! Stay tuned for updates and follow all my be your sass goings on @beyoursass

Big Love


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