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What a weekend!

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Last week was a busy week in my world, with the children back to school and the summer holidays coming to an end i have been busy with business related chores and a weekend full of market stalls and pop ups!

The weekend i was lucky enough to have a stall at the Market in Crantock and host my very own pop up along side my gorgeous friend at the yolk'al in Mawgan Porth. Its been a weekend full of anxiousness, pure joy and fear! Not a good mix.

As i do more and more pop ups and feature at more events in my new be your sass venture i am left 90% of the time feeling overwhelmed and very much in the deep end. Vintage second hand clothing for me isn't just a hobby or a past time its now something i am very much passionate about and something primarily that needs to pay the bills. Hell i got mouths to feed! Selling vintage second hand clothing is my business now and as much as i'm trying to sell my wares to all you beautiful people i am some what sometimes left wondering but why am i doing this. I have had to make decisions that have consequences and am risking a lot all for my love for reduce reusing and recycling clothing.

This weekend i have dressed boldly! I have worn my if all else fails superhuman super shiny star boots in a hope to make me feel more confident and today i wore stripes, a bold lip and my heart on my sleeve as i stood at the foot of a pitch and putt course in Mawgan Porth. There it was that i set up my hand sprayed rail of wares along side my hand sprayed display wicker legs and my up-cycled vintage room divider. I stood there feeling vulnerable and at times some what awkward but after meeting a super cool kid who donned one of my vintage shiny shirts and transformed before me into a rock star i knew i was where i needed to be. I saw him later that day in the beer garden of a near by pub (yes i enjoyed a cheeky afternoon beverage as needed a little pick me up!) and he came over rocking his new shirt and i complimented him on his new found confidence and he simply said i love wearing this shirt, it makes me feel happy!

This is why i am doing all this. Not just to recycle clothing and do my bit for the planet, not just to make money to pay my bills but to give people self confidence in who they are wearing second hand vintage clothing. Allowing people to be who they want to be. Allowing people to #beyoursass

So i end this blog post with a simply sign of

Be your Sass, be who you are, where you wanna be and dress happy!

Josie x

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