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What are people gonna think?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I was first introduced to Tim Bests photography at a art exhibition many moons ago. It was an intimate evening taking about gender and it was brought to us by The Small Series. SMALL actively brought art to the community. It was all about engaging conversations and interaction through art. It was a collection of local artists coming together in a space of inspiration.

It was there that i sipped on champagne and perused the art on display. I wore that statement #DOBbyDOP skirt which to me is wearable art, with a print consisting of Wotsits, paper aeroplanes even a tampon. Its always a show stopper and conversation starter! I was blown away by talks from Rob Unett who discussed his own take on gender show casing his incredible, thought provoking abstract portrait paintings, he even mentioned me and my androgynous style. The evening was a blur of compelling chats, marvellous chance meetings way back then when kissing someone on the cheek and clinking glasses was acceptable!

The evening came to a finale when the gorgeous Faye Dobinson took to the corner of the top floor studio space to discuss her opinions on gender, the roles we play and how she expresses her own fight as a female in her art. I was and still am so empowered by her passion, her eye for details, all whilst being one of the warmest most kick ass woman i have ever met!

On the way back through the corridors i was struck still. in ore of the most powerful, posed polaroid images. All images of beautiful humans taken by the ever so talented and damn well sassy Tim Best. It was from then on the appreciation of who he is and what he captures really took off. Through his Instagram platform i have followed Tim on his journey of discovery and dress up. It is through those squares he begs that all important question 'what will people think'?!

Tim is not only one hella photograher but a man after my own heart. He Expresses who he is and how he feels with a shot of a camera lense. He poses and prances in whatever he feels sassy in. From stockings to his #batman tee!

when i asked him what his inspiration is to wear what he wears his responce. 'it started out with what i like to see on women, then it evolved from there to now me wearing what makes me feel sexy. It is my mask to disguise myself but over time it has become representative of my desire to connect with women in a feminine way.'

Tims images to me are edgy, there strong. Its a cis gender male being comfortable in his own skin. Owning who he is and wearing what makes him happy.

Clothing is not just something we put on in the morning. its our uniform, its our armour. Its you saying this is me this is how i feel and this is what i am projecting to the world. To hell with what people think! #beyoursass

To celebrate and applaud Tim in all his glory he has sent me some of his framed images all the way from across the pond. They will be on show and for sale exclusivley at Be Your Sass from next year!! Aptly named POSER - Black Bear Faux Fur Fun, 2020.

I am so inspired by these images. I want to take this opportunity to thank Tim for making me see Sass from another perspective, because lets face it Being Your Sass is personal and all relative to an individual, Expressing who they are. Individuality is personality and Tim has is in abundance. For more of Tim's work check out his Artsy page.

Whatever you wear. #beyoursass and stay happy!

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