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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Second hand clothing is becoming more and more of a trend. Ever since Macklemore sang about thrift store shopping it really has become a more acceptable way for young people and our millennials to shop. Charity shops though can still be undesirable places to spend a Saturday afternoon, with the unorganised rails, slight tinge of moss balls and the dreaded changing room (usually strategically placed curtains in the corner!) At Be Your Sass its second hand shopping with a difference.

But why buy second hand i hear you ask?

We are all aware of the fast fashion clothing industry and what the high street is doing to our economy as well as our beloved planet. Documentaries by my telly girl crush Stacey Dooley investigating fashions dirty secrets and the iconic extinction rebellion are all highlighting the importance of shopping more economically and mindfully. Buying second hand clothing is not only good for the world but for me means your buying something unique, maybe vintage. I know that its not manufactured for the masses and found on some mundane mannequin!

Buying second hand saves clothing going to landfill and for me always leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment, shopping in second hand shops brings out the hunter gatherer in me, i love the feeling of discovering those perfect jeans that may have thrown away by her but salvaged by you. Whats that age old saying? Someone else's trash is someone else's treasure!

The Be your sass shop wont just be a place to buy second hand vintage clothing. With the help of my new recycled sewing machine (vintage ofcourse!) it will be a place you bring your clothing to be repaired and restored rather than discarded. Watch this space!

So get ready to shop or simply drop in with a garment that needs some TLC. All garments are responsibility priced,

every piece is unique secondhand and ready to wear! Be Your sass Shop coming soon!

Big Love



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