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Why did you shave your head?

I have always had lets call it hair issues. As a child and my mum will vouch for me, as she had to deal with the many upsets i had after every hair cut! i would sit in the hairdressers chair and present a probably unrealistic picture of a style i wanted. A picture i tore out of a glossy magazine, once even a picture i saw on a barbie advert! An image of a over styled glamour look i wanted the hairdresser to recreate on my little pea head! Of course after every stint in the hairdressers chair completely at no fault to the hairdresser i would leave heartbroken, tears running down my cheeks as i didn't in my head match the image i portrayed in such picture. Obviously!

I have always used my hair as an extension of my style, from bobs to a bright red do over (thanks #rihanna) I even had a perm last year which i absolutely adored but for me hair was always a cover up. Not only is our hair protection from UV rays and primarily a source of heat instillation to me my hair was protecting me from being different. My full fringe i had just before the big shave i used as cover up of my face as i was dealing with image issues!

The idea of shaving my head came from a belief that if i removed my hair, stripped bare the layers, removed the mask i would feel empowered and sorry to be ironic but bold and ok with who i am. Nothing to hide behind just me in my true hair less form! I was umming and arring about the big shave but after meeting a truly gorgeous inspirational women at a festival last year i was inspired. I asked her if i should dare the shave and as she stood there in her gorgeous maxi dress beautiful long glorious hair she informed me that she had braved the shave a few years ago and said in short for her it was a coming of age rebellion and simply told me that all women should do it, if only once to know what it feels like to be bare, truly sexy and well empowered!

So i did it, @great_estate_festival my beautiful friend Fee was armed with the clippers for an impromptu image over hall. The crowds gathered outside the #discobeads stall. There were tears! After the buzzing stopped i'm not going to lie i didn't feel myself, i felt very uneasy and ignored any reflective surface in fear of what the mirror portrayed of me. Now as i sit here typing this with a fresh grade 1, i feel me. i feel true. i'm just me in all i am in all i want to be. Being my sass! Hair never defined me, hell clothes don't define me. I define me!!

Now i'm not saying everyone should go out and dare the shave or don a buzz cut i'm simply telling my story in finding me. I've stopped thinking 'that wont suit me' or worrying about what people think, stressing over bad hair days! i'm just me. wearing what makes me happy.

my advice to you is take off your mask. whatever that means to you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in which ever form that is and accept the compliments your given. BE YOUR SASS!

Big Love, Always


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