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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I believe that we should all dress to express not impress! An attitude that brings with it self confidence and an attitude of "This is me!"

its Monday morning your ready to face the day, with the school run looming and time running out till you have to be at your desk you peal of your night wear and your wardrobe doors are swung open in an attempt to dress for the day. Are you a power dresser or a casual chic? 3 outfit changes later in between letting the dog out and making breakfast for the kids i'm feeling like "i have nothing to wear". Our wardrobes are full of clothes yet nothing seems to fit with our mood or the many roles we play in our day. From mum to housewife dog walker to chef our outfit needs to sustain the day, or does it?! Take away all our labels, forget about what people may think, dress for you! That's too garish for the school run, that's to chic for the office. Forget about the outfit you think you should wear and wear what you want to wear!

Now i am not saying don't be conscientious of the roles we play, those thigh high boots you wear on date night are probably not for the school run and that figure hugging body con is no good for parents evening its more about being brave with layering textures, clashing patterns and being bold with fabric and print.

Be Your Sass. Wear that leopard print dress over a polka dot tee. Rock those vintage shoes just because its Tuesday and they make you smile!

Swing those wardrobes door open, grab that bright pink floral maxi dress and rock it

Big Love!

Josie x

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