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Androgynous, a world i sometimes use to describe my style. its a look that aims to avoid gender stereotypes. Its a style i adore and have always admired! From my shaved head to my heels. Androgynous fashion is SASS! its anything you want it to be. its an individual dressing to express not impress, wearing what makes them happy!

"Androgynous fashion is about embracing your own identity. It's not about fitting into a box. It's not lesbian, tomboy, gay, butch, girly, or manly. It's not masculine or feminine, it's both. Yet it doesn't require you to take on either of those social roles."

Here i am on a photo shoot with the super talented photographer Jools Baker where we really wanted to play on the androgynous look. Im wearing one hella vintage military suit. Fancy a bit of military for yourself.....keep reading!

Talking of androgynous earlier this year many as-well as me in my own way celebrated Pride Month, I personally enjoyed @Roland_bray pride flag looks i admired over on Instagram. Click link to check it out! He is dressed as his alter ego his drag persona Roxy Moron. A Character i had the pleasure to meet last year! As Roxy, Roland really portrays himself as his female form. Allowing him to express who he is as her is a truly beautiful thing to see!

Alongside Roland and many others, we would usually all gather for London Pride. An annual celebration where our capital sees over a million volunteers, artists and Pride-goers come together, united in their support of the LGBT+ community.

'LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. In use since the 1990s, the term is an adaptation of the initialism LGB, which was used to replace the term gay in reference to the LGBT community beginning in the mid-to-late 1980s'

A community that is celebrated for not being stereotyped, ever!

Although we couldn't march for #pride this year, now more than ever, we cannot lose sight of how important it is to support and celebrate this incredible community #pride.

That being said they have launched a online campaign #YouMeUsWe it is a online hashtag with the idea where each of us can reach out and understand one another, demanding us to be better allies within our community.

Sometimes it only takes small but meaningful actions to show that you're there for your fellow community members. During times like these it takes all of us - that includes you, me, us and we - to step up and show it. #YouMeUsWe is a rallying cry to the LGBT+ community, it calls on each of us to reach out, understand and support one another.

To celebrate this campaign #youmeuswe I am having a very special sale of some incredible vintage ex uniform jackets sourced from my local theatre company! I mean what could be better, you in uniform, me in uniform, us in uniform, we all in uniform! It is a classic androgynous look! Rocking a blazer especially one so unique. it will add some serious sass to any outfit! Wear over anything as the sun sets in the cooler evenings for a super sexy style or wear with your favourite denim for a smart casual look. Can be worn by him, styled by her. I have a huge selection in all the shapes and sizes. With all that sass! Included in this exclusive sale i have a ex naval jacket available which dates back to the fifties i too have been re-wearing a original police jacket! I love the buttons and the way it gives me shape. its giving me all the feels!! I loooovve it! With every sale of this limited edition androgynous uniform range i will donate a percentage to my local theatre company, Lane Theatre. The money will go towards repairing and renovating there costume department. I will also be donating a percentage off the profits to LGBTQ+ community's latest unity fund. For more information, click link!

You can shop this incredible limited edition ow so sassy vintage uniform range online NOW! These pieces wont be around for long and they will not be found anywhere else! Keep an eye on my Instagram feed for styling inspiration and exclusive stock drops!

Whoever you are, whatever you wear. Lets all wear what makes us happy. Be Happy. Be Pride!

Big love always!



For the L’s, the G’s, the B’s and the T’s. Plus the Allies and the Andros, Agenders and Aporas. For the Butch, the Fluid, the Non-Binary. The Inter, Demi & Grey - The Novi and Dyadic. For the Maveriques and those who feel Dysphoric. For the Aromantics, the Intersex and the gender Apathetic. For the Questioning. For the Curious. For the Queer. For every race. Every refugee. Every fluid identity. For the Masculine. For the Feminine. The men and the womxn. Ladies born as boys. And the girls who chose to change. For the Mono, Poly, Allo, Andro, Gyno and the Pans. For Peris, For Varis and everyone between. #prideinlondon 2020. #youmeuswe

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